A Client for interacting with the Resource Manager API.

class, _http=None)[source]#


Client to bundle configuration needed for API requests.

See for more information on this API.

Automatically get credentials:

>>> from import resource_manager
>>> client = resource_manager.Client()
  • credentials (Credentials) – (Optional) The OAuth2 Credentials to use for this client. If not passed (and if no _http object is passed), falls back to the default inferred from the environment.
  • _http (Http) – (Optional) HTTP object to make requests. Can be any object that defines request() with the same interface as request(). If not passed, an _http object is created that is bound to the credentials for the current object. This parameter should be considered private, and could change in the future.
SCOPE = ('',)#

The scopes required for authenticating as a Resouce Manager consumer.


Fetch an existing project and it’s relevant metadata by ID.


If the project does not exist, this will raise a NotFound error.

Parameters:project_id (str) – The ID for this project.
Return type:Project
Returns:A Project with metadata fetched from the API.
list_projects(filter_params=None, page_size=None)[source]#

List the projects visible to this client.


>>> from import resource_manager
>>> client = resource_manager.Client()
>>> for project in client.list_projects():
...     print(project.project_id)

List all projects with label 'environment' set to 'prod' (filtering by labels):

>>> from import resource_manager
>>> client = resource_manager.Client()
>>> env_filter = {'labels.environment': 'prod'}
>>> for project in client.list_projects(env_filter):
...     print(project.project_id)


Complete filtering example:

>>> project_filter = {  # Return projects with...
...     'name': 'My Project',  # name set to 'My Project'.
...     'id': 'my-project-id',  # id set to 'my-project-id'.
...     'labels.stage': 'prod',  # the label 'stage' set to 'prod'
...     'labels.color': '*'  # a label 'color' set to anything.
... }
>>> client.list_projects(project_filter)
  • filter_params (dict) – (Optional) A dictionary of filter options where each key is a property to filter on, and each value is the (case-insensitive) value to check (or the glob * to check for existence of the property). See the example above for more details.
  • page_size (int) – (Optional) Maximum number of projects to return in a single page. If not passed, defaults to a value set by the API.
Return type:



Iterator of all Project. that the current user has access to.

new_project(project_id, name=None, labels=None)[source]#

Create a project bound to the current client.

Use Project.reload() to retrieve project metadata after creating a Project instance.

  • project_id (str) – The ID for this project.
  • name (str) – The display name of the project.
  • labels (dict) – A list of labels associated with the project.
Return type:



A new instance of a Project without any metadata loaded.